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Letters From You. . . .

…..Mitch in KY wrote;  Awesome! You guys are great. I wish there was a place to leave you an excellent review. I really appreciate the top notch customer service.

….Mark from Albany…..I wanted to thank you and your associates at for delivering high quality product at a great price!  I had ordered from you folks a few years ago and was happy to find you again.  You folks do a good job and should be proud!

…..Our friend from Canada wrote;     I just wanted to send a note to say thank you for re-sending my lost in the mail order, just in time for the holiday. The original shipment finally arrived as well, although on January 2nd. You really went above and beyond by resending the entire order to make sure I received it in time for the holiday and I really appreciate it. To see that commitment to customer service these days is unfortunately very rare (especially online) and it is refreshing to find a company that still goes out of it’s way to assist a customer.

…..R.D. emailed us the following, titled Happy Customer, “My order came yesterday and I am very pleased. The decals are high quality and your shipping was extremely fast. I will be ordering more… and some of my friends are fighting over the catalog you sent so they can place orders. Thanks again for excellent service and quality products.”

…..Kevin in Mississippi sent us this comment, “……you are by far the best decal company I have ever dealt with. If I have any problems with the decals, you don’t hesitate to replace it and your prices are superior. Your website is also an excellent product to have since I can just go order online. It makes things a lot quicker for me. Thanks for helping me out and please keep adding more decals and keep up the good work.

…..Chris in NJ writes, “Thanks alot, your site has been a big help.”

…..Steve writes, ” Keep up the good work, I think you guys have some great
decals and a great (user friendly) site.

…..The most common comment we’ve received has been,
“I’m I glad I found a company like yours that carries most of the decals I want”

…..Eddie in Ohio wrote,”I am always in need of decals but I can never find any. I am so
glad I found your site.” Thanks Eddie.

…..Ryan in IL wrote,”This is a great site for hard to get decals”.

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